How to stick to a fitness program

good fitness program

The world is witnessing an explosion of Non-communicable diseases. Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) are ailments that are not caused by infectious agents. They are chronic conditions that take long periods and progress gradually. According to WHO statistics, 63% of diseases afflicting populations in both developed and developing countries are in the non-communicable category.

Furthermore, these diseases are causing most of the deaths worldwide. For us to avoid catching most of these diseases, it is essential to take specific, deliberate preventive measures. These measures are like eating right, sleeping well and having a good fitness program. In spite of the many people knowing how they can keep fit, they do not stick with the plan thus going back to unhealthy and unfit lifestyles. This article explains the strategies that can be used to ensure that we adhere to a fitness program.

Be Realistic and Set Attainable Goals

For you to accomplish your goals, it is essential to set realistic and achievable goals. For example, if you are working to reduce weight, give yourself some reasonable time to measure your achievement. You can indeed not start today and measure results tomorrow.

 Do give yourself like three weeks before you evaluate any changes. If there are any positive changes, celebrate the success and motivate you. However, if there are no changes do not despair but slightly adjust your strategy and continue with the program until you attain what you want. Keep trying and pushing until something happens.

Review Your Progress Regularly

This is to ensure that you are on the right track to attaining what you had set to achieve. If the progress is proper, do congratulate yourself. On the other hand, if there is no achievement, don’t lose hope but readjust your program a bit.

It is sad to realize that most people start a well-thought fitness program, but abandon it when they realize that they have not achieved their goal after a short time.  It is important to note that sometimes it takes quite awhile before our bodies respond to such programs and therefore it pays to be patient and continue with the program.

Choose What You Enjoy

For you to be comfortable with the fitness program, it is important to choose what you enjoy. Do not go for a sophisticated fitness program that you strain in knowing. Just pick what you know and enjoy most. For example, some people enjoy taking an hour walking fast.

This is what they know well and enjoy most. Such people should stick to that program of walking instead of abandoning it and thinking of going to the gym. Working out is never really fun, so if you enjoy any workout stick there.

Find External Motivators.

These are people who motivate you and congratulate you whenever you attain a set goal. They encourage you to continue with the program whenever they observe positive changes in you. Sometimes you can carry the fitness program with these people.

Be Optimistic

 It is always important to hope that you will one day achieve whatever you want from the fitness program. Hope motivates you to work towards achieving your goals. It also makes you overcome challenges that are likely to hinder your progress.


Few out of the many people who enrol or start health fitness keep it to the end. To help you stick to the program, the above tips will help. Fight till you make it; there is no more magnificent treasure than a healthy body. You will be the one enjoy the great shape and the positive compliments once you overcome all the bad eating habits and laziness that hinder you from living a super fit life.